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Peggy Heller

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Second Chance Breakfast

Second Chance Breakfast at Peggy Heller
We are excited to roll out "Second Chance Breakfast" at Peggy Heller starting tomorrow to grades 1-6 during their morning recess time.

What is Second Chance Breakfast?
-This is an opportunity for students who either missed the before school breakfast window and/or are not ready to eat breakfast until later in the morning to get a meal.  Students can only have breakfast ONE time each day-either before school or during Second Chance.  

Is there a charge?
-No, breakfast and lunches are free to any student on campus.

How will this affect me?
-Classrooms of Grades 1-6 will no longer offer snack (donations from parents) to students at recess time. If students are hungry and they have not had breakfast from the school (during our before school session), they can take part in our "Grab and Go" Second Chance Breakfast during their morning recess.  Student may still bring their own snack for recess time, we just respectfully ask that it falls within the "Health Snacks" suggestions provided in the Back to School Folder at the beginning of the year.  

Thank you so much for your support as we offer this great opportunity to our students!!!!!